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Основан ведущими деятелями культуры и искуства России в 1992 году
О центре

The International Cultural Centre «Slava» was established in Moscow by leading cultural workers and art figures of Russia and got its registration at the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation (N8 1334,10.11.1992).


The Board of the ICC «Slava» comprises 13 members - citizens of Russia, the Ukraine and other foreign countries. Branch establishments and missions were opened in 15 countries of the world. 750 creative, ecological and educational societies and private people of Russia and other countries are members of the lCC «Slava».


Since 1995, in Moscow, Kiev and Minsk the Centre has volunteered and held World Philanthropic Festivals under the motto "Children's Health Through Art in a Sound World» the aim of which was "drawing attention of the world community to the problems of ecology and children's health through art»; the initiative received support from President of Russia, prominent cultural workers and art people of name of Russia, who are members of the ICC Board «Slava», the UN, the UNESCO, the UNISEF, the Council of Europe and world-famous art figures.


In 1994 there was sponsored a photo-exhibition on ecological problems under the motto «Do not deprive us of future!" It was held in 65 regions of Russia, 18 towns in the Ukraine, in 7 places of Belarus and in Germany. In 1994 the ICC «Slava» instituted a public award - the International Order of Honour «For Achievements in the Field of Ecology". Since 1992 the Centre has held 1.347 charity concerts, meetings, competitions, festivals and exhibitions with the participation of the professional choirs and well-known theatre and film performers. In 1998 the UNESCO selected twenty acting cultural public societies in Central and Eastern Europe; the International Cultural Centre was among them, too. Since 2004 the Centre has issued unique photograph albums entitled «The Names Passed into Oblivion», assembled a historical photo-exhibition «Lost Images of the Epoch» dedicated to Grand Princes and Emperors of the House of Romanovs. In 2005 feature films with some documentary elements added about the Russian poet K.R.(Grand Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich)and his sister Olga Konstantinovna, Queen of Hellenes, were made. Since 2006 380 million people in 28 countries of the world have seen the film. In Europe and America it was appreciated as the best production on the Russian history. Films about the Grand Prince Konstantin Nikolayevich, the brother of the Emperor Alexander II, are in active preparation.


In 2004 the ICC «Slava» proved to be the only institution that had conducted anniversary celebrations in honour of the historical dates of the Russian musical culture - the 145 anniversary of the Russian Musical Society (1859) and the 130 anniversary of the Imperial Russian Musical Society (1873). The Centre initiated 2009, the year of the 150 anniversary of the Russian Musical Society, to become the Year of Russian Music. There will be held jubilee concerts in honour of the event in Russia and abroad. There has been realized the project "Treasures of Russian Poetry» - a set of five discs designed for educational programmes. A reciting competition presided by Yuri Yakovlev is going to start its work in 2009. As Head of the ICC «Slava», Yury Yakovlev carries on creative and cultural work that undoubtedly is of great educational importance for rising generations and contributes to enhancing the prestige of our state. We cherish the hope that our initiative and our activities will be noted and get encouragement from organizations and authorities engaged on the state level on the matters of culture, upbringing and educating children, the children's health and ecology.